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Totzee - Hakkımızda

About us

Like every parents, we are aware of how valuable the time you spend together is from the first moment you hear about your baby. In order to make every moment spent together as happy as the first moment your baby enters your home, we created Totzee for your baby and you, inspired by simplicity, sustainability, elegance, and most importantly, parents.

At Totzee, we aim to be a part of your family, your beautiful memories and your baby's development with high quality baby clothes, toys and auxiliary accessories designed by our mothers and craftswomen.

We created Totzee because:

  • We want to make every moment easier for you and your baby.
  • To grow healthier by using fabrics and technologies that will not harm your baby's sensitive skin in our productions.
  • We want to contribute to their future with our products designed from sustainable materials.
  • We want to bring elegance and simplicity to your baby's daily life. Thus, while you focus on spending more time with your baby, we hope to make your job easier at every step of your parenting journey.

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