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Sleep Training for Babies

Many parents find themselves checking their newborns several times each night to make sure they are breathing safely. Here is a guide to important and safe sleeping rules for your baby.

Must Always Be in the Cradle!

No matter how much it increases your potential for fatigue, it is not recommended to share the bed with your baby or let them sleep on a couch or other soft mattress. The safest place for your baby is the crib.

Keep the Crib in Your Room for Six Months to a Year

According to the new safe sleep rules of the American Academy of Pediatrics, it is recommended that you keep your baby's crib in your room for at least six months. Room sharing leads to a lower risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). You'll also sleep better knowing your baby is just meters away!

Place your baby on his back

All babies should be laid on their backs to sleep. They may have a lighter sleep in this position, but it is still the healthiest way to sleep. If you think your baby will be comfortable with some kind of cover while sleeping on their back, a baby sleeping bag is the safest and perfect solution.

Avoid Loose Objects or Buffers

To make sure your baby is safe while they sleep, it's important to ask yourself if there are any objects in their crib that could endanger them. Examples include loose blankets, toys, and similar items. While tampons are designed to protect your baby, they actually pose a safety concern as they can tip over and increase the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

Use Baby Sleeping Bag

As loose blankets are considered unsafe, consider putting them in a baby sleeping bag! They are comfortable and cozy, they can lie on their back in the bassinet without the danger of entanglement or waking up cold. We have all kinds of different baby sleeping bags available in different temperature levels to ensure baby gets the best and safest night's sleep ever!

When it comes to keeping your baby comfortable and relaxed while they sleep, you should also not forget about safety. With these essential proactive tips, mom and dad will relax knowing their baby is better protected against safety risks. Check out our products for super soft, tight and protective baby bed and sleeping accessories!
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