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Frequently Asked Questions


Are Totzee products safe for my baby?

At Totzee, we take your baby's health and safety most seriously. We continue to invest in all innovative and safe production procedures, from our production to our packaging, since the day we opened, in order to eliminate your sensitivity and concerns on this matter. If you have any concerns about the safety of our products, you can contact us via the contact form.

Where are Totzee products made?

All of Totzee's clothing and toy collections are produced by suppliers all over Turkey on the way we set out with the determination to offer you the highest quality products. Although our suppliers are located in different parts of Turkey, they are constantly inspected to produce the most comfortable, durable and reliable products for your babies. Our Amigurami toys, on the other hand, are meticulously produced by our craftswomen.

How do you ensure the quality and safety of Totzee products?

We work with suppliers that are audited by both internal and third-party auditors to ensure that all our collections are produced under ethical and legal conditions. We audit our suppliers annually to confirm their adherence to these strict ethical standards and the behavior outlined in our vendor contract.

Can I find on your site which size will fit my baby?

Although every baby is different, we think that the size fit guide we have prepared for you is an important resource when ordering.

Do Totzee products shrink after washing?

Most of our garments are pre-washed and tested for shrinkage. However, you can take a look at the Totzee product care guide that we have created for you in order to use Totzee products for a longer period of time.

Order & Account

Can I shop securely online on your site?

Your information and orders are safe with Iyzico during your shopping at Totzee. Iyzico, a BDDK-licensed payment infrastructure, also protects your card information and personal data thanks to its PCI-DSS certified systems and artificial intelligence-based technology that protect against copying your credit card and other fraudulent methods with the Iyzico Protected Shopping system.

We wish you pleasant shopping in advance.

What is your return policy?

As Totzee, we always want to make our customers feel the satisfaction we feel from the quality of the products we produce. However, we assure you that we will do our best in case you are not satisfied.

However, in case you are not satisfied, we accept returns on unused and unwashed items within 15 days of purchase.

Your product arrived defective. How can I return or exchange it?

If you see any defect in our products, you can request a return or exchange by entering "Return and Exchange Request" under the help tab. You can be sure that we will send your new product free of charge with the fastest shipping method, as well as getting your product back free of charge.

Gift Cards & Special Gift Wrapping

Does Totzee offer special packaging for gifts?

Definitely! We offer special gift packages or gift cards to our customers who want to present gifts to new parents.

Do your gift cards have an expiration date?

You can use your purchased gift cards whenever you want.

Other Questions

I want to cooperate with you on social media. Who should I contact?

Thank you for considering us as part of a potential collaboration at Totzee. For possible partnership opportunities, please contact us at

I wrote to Totzee on social media but got no response. What should I do?

Although we try to respond to your questions and requests on social media as quickly as possible, we apologize if you did not receive an answer from us due to the intensity. Apart from social media, you can reach us via our e-mail address or contact form.

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