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In line with the questions and suggestions from the Totzee team and other customers, we have prepared a Totzee product maintenance guide for you.

Read the product labels.
Our labels are where we will give you the best care tip. Always start by reading care labels. In our products, we attach the labels next to your order in order not to disturb your babies. You can find special instructions to use for the best care on these labels.

Wash before dressing your baby.
We recommend that you wash your baby without dressing for comfort and cleanliness.

One more tip before washing.
Turn your clothes inside out, close all zippers and snap buttons, and fasten velcro before washing.

This time, there are a few recommendations from mothers for washing.
Bleaching may occur when your laundry comes in direct contact with undiluted detergent. If you add detergent before putting laundry into the washing machine, be sure to stir the water to disperse the detergent. If you add detergent after clothes, make sure the clothes are completely submerged.

Important: Be sure to remove wet clothing from your washing machine as soon as possible. This will help preserve bright colors and lines.

When drying…
Make sure to always use a low heat setting when machine drying natural fibers. Drying clothes at a high temperature can cause excessive shrinkage and shorten the life of the garment.

Be careful not to buy large sizes.
The fabrics of our clothes are suitable for expansion. So make sure you get the right size. It is important for the comfort of our products on your baby that you do not buy a large size with the thought of using them in the future.

Take immediate action against stains.
Immediate action against the stains will extend the life of the products. That's because the longer a stain sits, the more it penetrates the fibers. Dilute the stains with water immediately. If you are using a stain remover, please do not let it sit for more than 20 minutes and then wash as usual. Detergents and stain removers with stain-fighting enzymes can cause color transfer or fading. Chlorine bleach should never be used.