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Totzee - Yaz İçin Bir Bebek Nasıl Giydirilir?

How to Dress a Baby For Summer?


Summer baby clothes should be made of light and breathable materials so that your baby is protected from the sun while staying cool throughout the day. For the daytime, if your baby is going to be exposed to the sun, choose options that fit loosely but cover the skin as much as possible. Especially muslin linen fabrics will allow your baby's skin to breathe.




What Do Babies Wear in Summer?




bodysuits and singlets, which are among the most practical clothes, are very suitable for little ones as they are made of light and breathable material. You can choose one of the long or short sleeve options according to the rest of your newborn baby's clothes.


Dresses and Skirts are also suitable clothes for summer. Dresses provide airflow and breathability for your baby so they can stay cool while they're crawling around.


Shorts and t-shirts are also preferable clothes. By combining shorts and t-shirts for the outdoors, you will both protect your baby from the sun and enable him to move comfortably.

Jumpsuits are also a great choice. It protects your baby from the harmful effects of the sun.


How Can You Keep Your Baby Cool in the Summer?


Clothing is part of keeping your baby cool and safe in hot weather. Here are a few more things to consider!

Use a sun hat

A sun hat will shade your little one's face, neck and ears. A wide-brimmed or wide sun hat is a must-have item in your child's summer wardrobe.

Apply sunscreen to your baby

If you're going out during the day, using sunscreen can provide an added level of protection for your little one. Make sure you use sunscreen made specifically for babies or toddlers as they have more sensitive skin.

Stay in the shade

Whenever possible, opt for shade for your baby. If you are out for a walk during the day, wear a sun hat with good shade protection so your baby's head is not exposed to the sun.


How Do You Know If Your Baby Is Overwhelmed by the Heat?


To check if your baby is too hot, place your hand on the back of his neck, chest or stomach and see if he is too hot to the touch or excessively sweaty. Other signs that may indicate that your baby is very hot may include:

Skin being warm to the touch

A flushed face

Rapid breathing

Sweaty or moist skin

Fussy or restless

Seems tired or sluggish 

If your little one is overheated, take your baby indoors or into the shade. Remove a layer of clothing and, if possible, press a cold cloth around their necks. Make sure they are juicy and keep them cool.

Spending time and playing outside with your babies is the best way to spend the summer days. Make sure to dress your baby appropriately for the weather to keep them cool and happy. When looking for summer baby clothes, discover a wide range of rompers, dresses, shorts and more on Totzee.

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