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Totzee Organik El Örgüsü Yandan Düğmeli Hırka Antik Bej; Organic Hand-Knitted Side-Buttoned Cardigan Antique Beige

Latest Trends in Newborn Baby Clothing

The Excitement of Expecting a Baby: Finding the Best Newborn Clothes

The thrill of expecting a baby fills every parent's heart with unique joy. Every parent desires only the best for their little one. The selection of clothes that will envelop babies from the very moment they arrive in the world is both significant and delightful. Since these tiny garments will be in direct contact with your baby's skin, making the right choice is of paramount importance. Newborn babies not only enchant with their sweetness and innocence but also highlight their sensitive skin. Therefore, the clothes chosen for them should be both stylish and harmless for their skin. So, what should parents look out for in newborn clothing, and what are the latest trends? Here's what you need to know!

Clothes for 0-3 Month-Old Babies: What to Buy in the First Months?

Newborns are rapidly growing beings. Their bodies can change significantly within the first three months. Therefore, when choosing clothes for 0-3 month-olds, opting for flexible and roomier designs is beneficial. With frequent diaper changes in the early months, practical and easily wearable designs are ideal. Moreover, given the baby's sensitive skin, garments made from soft fabrics should be favored.

Considerations When Choosing Newborn Baby Clothing

There's nothing more enjoyable than shopping for a newborn. However, during this process, one must avoid clothes that might harm the baby's skin health. Especially in the early months, with their more delicate skin, it's crucial to gravitate towards clothing made from natural fabrics. Organic baby clothes, free from chemicals and naturally produced, are the healthiest choice for your baby.

Pay attention to seams, tags, and accessories in the clothing you buy for your baby. Seamless and tagless designs will prevent any irritation, ensuring more comfort for the baby.

A Touch of Handmade: Hand-Knitted Baby Clothes

Hand-knitted baby overalls, cardigan models, and many other handmade items hold a unique place in newborn clothing. Especially handcrafted by grandmothers, these garments not only provide warmth but also add a distinct elegance to babies. Hand-knitted garments, bearing special meanings, are among the most preferred newborn baby gifts.

Such handmade items can also be quite suitable for baby skin. However, one should ensure that the type of yarn used is specifically soft and hypoallergenic for babies.


When purchasing clothes for a newborn, it's essential to consider both aesthetics and functionality. For the sake of your baby's skin health, it's beneficial to prefer garments made from organic and natural fabrics. Also, with handcrafted knitwear, you can add warmth and a unique style to your baby.

Another point worth noting is the value Totzee places on baby clothing. Totzee has become a top choice for families by designing clothes using the highest quality materials, prioritizing babies' health and comfort. Totzee is committed to protecting the sensitive skin of newborns while dressing them in the most fashionable way. To explore Totzee's hand-knitted organic products, please click the link.

Whether shopping or crafting with your own hands at home, the key in baby clothing is your baby's comfort and health. The sensitivity brands like Totzee show in this area offers an extra layer of assurance for parents. Happy shopping!

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    Totzee’den aldığım el örgüsü bebek tulumu tam bir harika! Yenidoğan oğlum için aldım ve organik ipliklerin yumuşaklığına bayıldık. Hem cilt dostu hem de çok şık – her yeni anneye tavsiye ederim!

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